Can we reach our goals no matter what?

by marteandkristin

Have you ever felt that you are displeased with something? That you feel that you could have been better at something? The last 10 years, I have probabely never been truly satisfied with my body. I have always been the “fat” girl in my schoolgroup, always been the biggest one. Don’t get me wrong, I am not fat, but I’ve always been the biggest one, been the one that ate the most, the weakest one when it comes to food etc… Those feelings, are bad feelings. The Secret telles us that if we feel bad, we get negative thoughts, and if we have negative thoughts, we attract more of those negative things into our lives. I have always just been satisfied with the fact, that I am the biggest one, and that I will always have some extra “rolls of fat”… Don’t get me wrong, I am not fat, but I am not fit either, and I train over 14 hours with swimming, 3 hours strength and 2 hours of core every week. Well, not now… I am sick, just lying on the sofa everyday…. I don’t want this, I don’t think anyone knows how badly I want to train, get sweat and get exhausted (in a good way). The doctors can’t figure out what is wrong with me, although they said that I suffer from something called “the good girl- syndrome”. That I am never satified with anything (especially not with myself), I stress about everything, I have difficulties with saying no…, etc…. Nevertheless, I have started a project. Because my imunsystem doesn’t work at all any more, I have descided not to eat sugar. Yepp, I’m gonna stop eating ice cream, chocolate, chips, fast food, soda, cookies etc. I do this for myself, because I want to be satisfied with my body. AND my imunsystem will probabely be better (I hope). I really hope I will get some results 🙂

Have a nice day!