Stress= my life

by marteandkristin


Stress= my life

Hey everyone!
Kristin mentioned earlier that we have been very busy lately. Our school have loaded us with exams, tests and presentations that needs to be done before the summer holiday, and even more exams! I have stressed alot. The picture explains everything I feel right now. Lately, I have felt that I do too much. I worry over the smallest things, and everything that happends to me affects me, mostly in a negativ way. I sort of go to a school were we train alot. Because I have been sick alot this year, I haven’t managed to train as much as I should have. Guess what? I’m lying here with the flu right now. This is the SEVENTH time since January… Maybe now, you understand my desperation? The doctors can’t figure out what is wrong with me. I take pills for my imunsystem, which should keep me up and going, but nothing helps. It is very frustrating to be an athlete, when you always get sick and can never “do your best”… I try to stay positive, but I gonna be honest, it is very hard. Lately I have figured out that I stress more than I am aknown. Well, everyone have actually told me that since I was a child. I get stressed over the smallest things. Like, if I can’t catch the bus, or about which school I want to go to in the future, if I sleep too little etc.. The smallest things… I work, I go to school, I train alot and I am suppose to be social and “keep up” about what happends in our society… I can’t do it all… I am human, although I would like to be a robot sometimes. My biggest concern now these days is a running test at my school. First of all, I used to be very good at running. But, because of my illness this year, my shape is not exactly good. I am not affraid of pain, it is just that If I get a bad grade, it will ruin my characters for getting in to lawschool. Stress. I have thought about this so much, that I got sick. The reason for why I stress so much, is because of what happened to my dad… I had to grow up back then, I got a responsiblity. Since then, I worry about everything.

What I am trying to say, is that stress = no good. I am really trying to stay positive, but it is really hard. I need to stress less, and maybe if you have some advices you want to share with me/us? 🙂 Don’t say yoga, I have tried that, but it doesn’t work for me, unfortunately…

I also want to say something tragic that has happened. Earlier this week, Norway’s biggest Olympic hope, Alexander Dale Oen, died. Kristin and me are both swimmers, and we can’t describe what emptiness we feel. First of all, he was/is our biggest rolemodel. He made Norway famous under VM when he won the distance 100 m breast, when he swam for Norway because of the horrible massacre that happened to our country on the 22th July. He died this Monday in Flagstaff, only 26 years old… He cried for Norway, now, Norway cries for him!

Rest in peace, Alexander. You will always be our rolemodel.