Since last time..

by marteandkristin

Some of you may wonder what we have been up to the last weeks? We made this blog to help us to have a better life, share our feelings, and to kill some time. But now, I don’t feel that big need to share my frustration, and I don’t have that much time to do it…. AND THAT’S A GOOD SIGN!

I’m still not totally recovered, but things are looking brighter. This week I have been able to swim three times, went to parties on friday and saturday, and that didn’t make me exhausted. I sometimes I still feel that everything is wrong, and I Β have so many thoughts about how thing would have been right now if I never had the mycoplasma. How much my swimming could improved, and how happy I could have been because I have never had so much to look forward to before. And of course, sometimes I’m looking forward to it but other times I’m not that excited, and I’m thinking like “Why now? Why can’t all the things I want just wait, so I can recover, and do everything when I feel it’s right.”. I do have my thoughts, where I think all this could be just mental, like anxiety or a depression, because everything around have just felt so wrong the last months, like the world is just going on around me, and I’m just there. My doctor says it obviously physical, and I think he is right, but all this have made it’s impact on me. And I will truly be greatful for my good health when I’m recovered, and hopefully all this will make me stronger after all.

That was a little bit of my frustration, but I really wan’t to share some GOOD NEWS too! I am going to a vacation on Tuesday. I’m going to Fuerteventura in Spain with my family. It will be wonderful with some sun, and relaxing. Doesn’t that beach look amazing?

As I told you last post, I’ve got a hostfamily for my exchange year in USA. I have talked with them, and it’s way better than I could ever dream of. They live in suburb to Indianapolis, in a beautiful, big house, close to a lake. They have told me all the places they want to take me, and that they are very excited. I think the american dream is waiting for me just around the corner! I have been dreaming for this the last years, and now it happens. I hope I will be able to go, it all depends on how I’m feeling. I don’t want to travel to another continent just to feel sick, so I’m just going to wait and see. Please cross your fingers for me!

What more that makes me happy? It’s April, just a month to May, which is my favourite month. My birthday is in May, Norways national day is 17th of May, and I’m going to my cousins wedding in Scotland in May. After May, it’s June, and that means summer!

How are you doing?

Love Kristin