Why do we “hate” people?

by marteandkristin


Hello people!

Today I wanted to talk about hate. The huge reason for why I choose this picture, is because maaaaaaany people “hate” Justin Bieber. First of all, I gotta say, I LOOOOOVE HIM!!!! Hahahhaha Yes, I am one of those “Belibers” 😛 Many people might find this very “jailbait” ( do you use that word? In Norway, that is the term of girls who act very childish, but at the same time trying to be like adults). We might lose some followers or readers because of this post, but the theme of the post is hate. Why do we hate people? Is it because of jealousy? Anger? The satisfaction by promote yourself as a better person? To be honest, I think it is jealousy. When we are jealous, negative thoughts spin inside our heads. We think “why doesn’t I have that?”, “why is he/she better than me?”, “I wanna be like her” etc… Only negative thoughts. And that ruins a lot! Mostly, it ruins for ourself.

So back to Justin Bieber. It is perfectly legally to don’t like an artists music. It is normal, and acceptable. But, why hate him? He is only 18 years old. He is still a teenager, and he has been criticiced since he was 14 and posted his music videos on Youtube. He was in a vulnerable age, and no wonder he had so many negative thoughts. He has achieved lot, he has won several prices, released many albums and he has a great voice (I think so, and 40 million other people). My point is, to all of you haters, why even bother to hate him? You use incredible lot of energy, in a negative way, that only cause you more negative things… And yes, I do “hate” some artists myself… I need to let go of these thoughts.

Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, and I am just 17 🙂

Todays compliment: I have beautiful nails 🙂