Don’t listening to others = hard

by marteandkristin


Don't listen to others = hard

I really love that picture. Hahaha today, I thought of something (I know, I think to much) that I really care about other peoples opinion. The other day I ordered some shorts from Runwaydreamz (birthday present), and when I showed my mother the shorts I had selected, she said “you can find much better shorts to such a lower price than that!” But I loved them, and I ordered them. If this situation happened some years ago, I probably wouldn’t have ordered them. Well, when it comes to my family, I don’t care about situations that silly, when it comes to clothes, shoes and looks, thats my descision, so I can laugh at it when I get older 😛 Either way, I am one of those people who care alot of what people think. If I for an example feel healthy, and someone says “Marte, you look sick!”, I start to think “Ohhh no, do I??” And as a result, I get sick. According to the law of attraction, If you say “I don’t want to sick”, you do get sick, because the law does not answer to words like no, don’t or other negative words. The law responses to what you are thinking of and what you want, but if you use negative words, you will get that too. What I am trying to say is, do we really need other peoples opinion? Do we need other people to approve what we are thinking and mean? I don’t see the point, we are supposed to be independent people with our own opinions, and even though the society says something else, we are not suppose to care… BUT WE DO! If someone said to me that I was a mean person, I would have thought of it, even though that I know that I am not. It is like poison, it brings no good.and spreads quickly. Therefore, when I saw this picture on weheartit, I instantly liked it. If we care less, smile more and try to feel good ( which is very important for receiving things), we will:
1. Feel better about ourself.
2. Get a higher confidence.
3. Laugh more.
4. Be more spontanius.
5. Receive more.

The biggest part of the Secret, is btw to feel good. And those tips seem very smart 🙂

What do you mean about this? 🙂