Who wins? Goodness or badness?

by marteandkristin


Who wins? Goodness or badness?

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. To many thoughts spinned inside my head. To be honest, I was negative. I thought of all the people I was jealous about and in the end, I became upset. Everyone has those days, right? 🙂 Well, because I couldn’t sleep, I started to read the Secret. The thing about the Secret, is that unmatter how many times I descide to finish it, I never do. I think I have started to read it like four times, but last night, I finally finished. The reason for why I never finished, was because it is a lot of info, and your mind and way of thinking totally change during the book. It is a lot to handle in short time, therefore, I like to read small pieces from it day to day.

Nevertheless, when I thought those negative thoughts, I started to think about compliments. Many people say that one bad comment, measure up 100 good compliments. And I agree on that one. It is hard to think positive thoughts about yourself, and the reason is that you don’t want to seem superior. You don’t want people to think that you think that you are better than someone else. Therefore, we start to think negative thoughts and negative things about ourself. THIS IS WRONG! It totally destroyes your confidence, and ability to be satisfied with yourself as a person in this world.

For some years ago, I had a fight with my bestfriend (not Kristin). We fought and argued and we sad some really bad things to each other. It ended up that we both said things we never should have said, and when we became friends, I never really forgot the thing she said about me. Unmatter how many times she apologized, I couldn’t forget it. I know she said it just to hurt me, but it felt like she stabbed me in my heart. Now I laugh at the whole situation. We were young, and childish. And we are good friends today.

But, why is it that we always think about the negative? It totally destroyes everything! People must learn to accept compliments, and to give! A small thing you notice, for an example: “You look great today” can really brightend your day up. At least mine do. When people say positive things about me, I embrace it. I remember it, and I really appriciate it. It makes me feel good. That people think something good about me, and see me as something positive.
And really, people who say something bad about you and doesn’t even know you, they are the weird ones. It is very hard to just accept that some people think you are something that you’re not, but that is their descision, and their problem. If they really want to spend their energy thinking something of you that you’re not, that is up to them. I need to learn this too.

Today’s compliment: I get easily tan 🙂