The power of willpower

by marteandkristin


The power of willpower

When I turned on the TV today, I watched MTV’s program called “I used to be fat”. I really like that program. It is about teenagers who struggle with something, and have started to use food as a way to deal with things. As a result, they are very heavy. During the show, we see that they struggle to fight. They think they are not strong enough. They begin questioning their will, and what power it has. That is why I really like that show, because in the end, they all achieve what they want, and they relaize that they can do whatever they want. I think that is amazing. Confidence, and know that you have a power inside you, that doesn’t only bring things into your life, but it helps you do the things you are afraid of and accomplice what you want. Because face it, everyone has a picture of how your life should be. At least I do. Today my goals are to be as good as I can be in swimming, get good enough grades to go to lawschool, get the fit body I always have wanted, be more spontanenous, judge less, bless more and think more positive thoughts. During the years, I have realized that willpower is a huge thing. When I went to primaryschool I didn’t had any confidence, and I honestly thought that I was useless. Probably because I struggled with reading and writing, I sucked gymclass and I wasn’t satisfied with my self.

I remember one day when we sat in a group at school, and everyone were supposed to say something good about someone else. When it was my turn to receive a compliment, people said that I was sweet. Sweet doesn’t exactly say something about what I am good at, so when I went home, I descided that now I wanted to be good at school and be better at sports. And I did. When it was time for me to begin in 8th grade, I was one of the smartest and the strongest in gymclass. I succeded because of my willpower.

So today, when I saw these teenagers, at the same age as me, I remembered that I can do whatever I want. I have a strong willpower, and this has grown in me for the last years. If I really want to do something, I do it. Nothing can ever stop me, if I really want something 🙂 I like that thought 🙂 It makes me happy and positiv, and the same comes to you! You just need to make a choice that you want it 🙂

Todays compliment: I have nice blue eyes with sunflowers in the middle 🙂