KONY 2012 – appricate what you have.

by marteandkristin


KONY 2012 - appricate what you have.

Today I woke up by that my Ipod messaged me that I had got an new notification on Facebook. Because I am sick, I am home and repairing my body. The last days, I have accepted that I have an infection in my body, and it needs to heal, and that I am healing in this second. I have been very negative about that, thinking: ” ahhhh I can’t train, what will happen with my swimpractise…” or ” I am so tired of being sick, there is no end …” etc…. Negative feelings and negative thoughts. I discover that I do complain a lot, or not all the time, but I complain. I bet everyone on this planet complain sometimes. Like ” ahhhh must we have that to dinner again” or ” I really need that jacket because the one I got is old” etc…
The Secret teach us that we must appricate things we have. If we constantly think about the things we don’t have, we only bring things that we don’t want, into our lives. We must be grateful. Especially countries and continents like the USA and Norway and other countries that belongs to the rich part of the world. We have so many options, so many choices and we live in a community were people take care of us. At least here in Norway, the community take care of us from the day we are born and to the day we die.
Nevertheless, the notifcation I got on Facebook, told me about a sort of campaign. The campaign is named “KONY 2012”. As many of us know, in Africa, especially Uganda, there are several sorts of riots. Children soliders, rapes, killing, food disasters, not enough water etc… Things we can’t imagine living with and without. The campaign is about a man named Joseph Kony. He is the leader of a rebelgroup called LRA. He kidnaps children, torture them, make the girls become sexslaves, makes young children kill people especially their own parents, cut their arms, legs and neck of and he drug children with several different narcotics. He is the first man on the list of “The worlds most dangerous people”, and eventhough he has admitted his crimes, he is not arrested. Many people don’t know who he is, but this campaign wants to change that. The USA has sent over hundreds of soliders in Uganda to arrest Joseph Kony, but because people in the society don’t know who he is, and that it is not enough money, they want to cancel it. Therefore, this campaign is about making Joseph Kony worldfamous. Everyone should know what people in Uganda is going through, and by searching ” Invisible Children” on Facebook, you can join the group and support this case. On April 20th, people around the world will be gathered in streets all over the world to post severeal posters in the street to make Joseph Kony famous. If you still want to know more, please watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/​watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc

This is important! Not only for Uganda, but for the world.

After watching this, I started to think. I became ashamed for complaining. I have never in my life felt afraid being killed, raped or losing a family member in a situation like that. The children in Uganda, who are slaves and children soliders, they have the right to complain! We have everything and anything, and most people in Uganda have nothing. This was a “wake up call” for me, I really started to appricate what I have. I have a family who loves me, several different friends, I go to the school I want, I can swim, I can speak my own opinion and I can be whatever I want! I have enough food, water, clothes and money. I can’t really imagine living a life like the people in Uganda does, or live a life in poverty, which many people in this world do.

Appriciate what you have and be grateful. You as a reader at this blog must have a connection to the internet, and that shows us that everyone who reads this, can be grateful.

And please, please join “Invisible children” on Facebook, or you can go on this website http://s3.amazonaws.com/kony2012/kony-4.html (kony2012.com) to join this change for peace.

Appricate what you got. You will not only feel better about yourself, but you will bring more good things to your life πŸ™‚