“Hello sunshine”

by marteandkristin


Today, I got some good news. I was at my doctor, and because I have an infection I feel very lousy. I am not ass ill as Kristin, but I have had the flu three times since January 1st. Even though I have started to think positive thoughts, I do feel a little bit of bitterness. I haven’t been able to train as I should for several weeks now, and we recent got a trainer, who as got several swimmers to the Olympics! Yes, I hunger to train! But, it will take some more time. Nevertheless, because it was sunny today, I started to think about what I look forward to 🙂 And many of those things has to do with summer. I love summer! The weather, the temperature, the ocean, the beach, bikinies, the sun, hanging out with friends, travel etc…
When it is sunny outside, I automatically get a better day. Do you?
So, this year, this summer, will be special. My family always travels to Greece for three weeks, and this year is no exception 🙂 We travel to a place called Hanioti in Halkidiki. It is not a big city, but the people are so nice and very friendly. I totally recommend it. This year, I will also travel to Torremolinos in Spain on a training camp (swimming) with my swimming team. I look so forward to this 🙂
I also look forward to just relax. My day is very hectic and I stress to much and to often. I need a vacation, and maybe I am not the only one? 🙂 To look forward to things makes me happy, and when I am happy, I am positive 🙂 Recommend that to!
Anyway, I hope you also had a good day 🙂 And I am looking forward to my time in the sun 🙂

What do you look forward to? 🙂