What makes me happy?

by marteandkristin

People I love

Family and friends is very important to me.

My friends can cheer me up on my worst days. They can tell me how important I am, and all the best sides of me. They make me laugh until I’m on the floor, crying. It’s good to have a person you can tell everything.

My family is always there for me. They know who I am. And yes, we really argue,and discuss sometimes, but I’m glad that I can tell them what I feel and means. My littlesister   is 7 years old, and makes me the cutest drawings, and letters, telling me how much I means to her.  That’s love.

The future

The future is the land of dreams. I can do everything. Nothing, but myself, can stop me from doing what I want. It is scary, but it’s also amazing. I am a dreamer, and my Bucket List is soo long! I wonder where and who I am in 20 years from now. I want to have a job I love. Maybe I’ll be a writer in NYC, extremlely rich in California, have a wine yard in Italy, live in a beach house on a beach in Australia, or “just” in a big white tree house whit a huge family in my hometown in Norway?  It’s fantastic how I can create my own future.

To travel

I love to travel, and experience the world. I’m very thankful that my family have traveled quite much. And that we have friends in other parts of the world, none can show you a place better than a local.  I’m going to have a relaxing week in Spain in April, go to my cousins wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland in May, and go to Italy on a summer vacation in June. Three countries in three months, I have soo much to look forward to!

All the  photos are from weheartit.com

This is some of the things that makes my life beautiful. What makes YOU happy?

Love Kristin