“No negative thoughts allowed”

by marteandkristin


If you are a perfect human creature that only think positive thoughts, you are my hero. As I have mentioned before, I do think many negative thoughts during the day, and that only gives my more negative situations to handle. Seems unfair? Well, our thoughts become things. That is the law of attraction, so if you think positive thoughts, you will recieve positive things.
When I read this, I automatically started to think, “well, I didn’t wanted to get sick?” “drop work -outs” ” feel terrible” etc…. I got angry. I thought that I only thought positive things, but I have now discovered that even though I did think positive, I didn’t convinced my brain. My negative thoughts were still in my brain, and even though how “positive” I was, I was still negative inside….

So, I have therefore descided that now I’m going to get rid of these thoughts by writing them down.

My negative thoughts:
– get cancer.
– Never get healthy.
– not thin enough.
– get fat.
– end up alone ( haha yes).
– don’t get accepted to go to law school.
– get bad grades.
– disapoint my parents.
– not be a good sister.
– be a bad friend.
– that I don’t “live my life”.
– Being boring.
– people don’t like me.

I have so many more negative thoughts than positive, and the reason is because I constantly stress and overthink things. I am terrified that something bad is going to happen to me, but now, these thoughts can go straight to **** πŸ˜€

Think positive thoughts, it will only bring good things to your life.