“Let go of your past, and go for your future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.”

by marteandkristin

Everyone has a dream. If it is to get married, get rich, be a princess etc… is up to you! Dreams are a goal you and your heart and brain has created. It is something you want to achieve. When I was young ( haha I mean younger) I always heard that I should live my life and reach my goals, and if my goals were my dreams, I should chase them. I guess everyone hears this from their loved ones when we are young. Personally, I never gave this much thought. Yeah, sure, I can be whatever I want. You constantly hear this, but do you really beleive it? Well, I didn’t. I guess that I didn’t have that much confidence when I was younger. I have always felt not thin enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not social enough… In the end, I got exhausted. To always think negativ didn’t really get me anywhere. Yes, I did wanted to change my self, to reach my goals, but instead I thought negative thoughts and didn’t really do anything to reach them. I just sat there with my “positive” thoughts ( feel I use the word “negative” too much). In the end, I realized that I do feel much better with myself when I think positive thoughts. I smile more, laugh more and I feel good about myself. I also have received more friends, and more people to love. I am also even closer to reach my goals and dreams.

My point is; be aware of your dreams, and think positive thoughts. When you think positive, you automatically live your life in the direction of your dreams.You can accomplice everything you want. I know, this is hard to believe, but it makes sence. Trust me 🙂