Be thankful!

by marteandkristin

The first step we took on this journey is to find out what we already have, and according to the law of attraction, that will help us to achieve more of what we love.

A good way to turn your mind into a positive direction, is to write down all the things you have, and are thankful for.

We made one list each, and we actually smiled when we wrote it down. It helps.

Kristins list: 

–   I have the worlds best family. They support me, give me everything I need, I can argue and discusss with them, and they give me the opportunity to be myself, and grow.

–      I have soo many good friends, from many places and in different ages

–      I have Marte, the sweetest girl I know. I can tell her everything, tease her, and I know she always will be there and support me. A real bestfriend.

–      I have my other bestfriend wich I have known my whole life, just next door. That is a gift.

–      I have always achieved good grades at school, and have been one of the best in class without working too hard. I am happy that things come easy to me.

–      I live in the worlds richest country, and have everything I need.

–      I have experienced incredibly much through the swimming. I have got an extra family(the swimteam), and I am soo thankful for all the memories we have together.

–      I have  the opportunity to travel, and have already seen a lot of the world

–      It is very easy for me to come in contact with people

–      I have a little sister that I adore, I know she appreciates me to.

Martes list: 

– I have the worlds greatest friends who always supports me, and love me the way I am.

– My family is always there for me, and I know I can tell them everything.

– I am very grateful to have so many people around me who likes me, and accept me as a person.

– I am very grateful for having the upportunity to swim, go to school and be what I want to be.

– I am grateful for having a very good friend, and he is a boy. Even though he is totally changed, he gives me alot of joy.

– I am so grateful to have the worlds greatest bestfriend, Kristin. She always cheers me up and support me.

– I am so grateful that I have the worlds greatest little sister. She makes me crazy, but always put a smile on my face.

– I am grateful for living in a house.

– Grateful for the upportunity to speak up!

– And; have so many kindhearted people around me.

Have you ever thought of how happy you would be if someone took all you have, and you were given it back? We have soo much to be thankful for.

We would love if you told us what you are thankful for? It will make you feel better at the moment you write it down. So do it!