Who are we?

by marteandkristin

Hello world, or maybe I should say the power of the universe?

This blog is a content of two girls from Norway, living a busy life as swimmers and teenagers. We live a hectic life, including stress and little “freetime”. Both of us have reached a point in life when we have to think positiv thoughts to make things work as the way we want it to be. This isn’t always easy, and therefore, as a result, we both struggle to get the things that we want. We have suffered from different types of flu, stress, feeling we don’t “live” our lives and that we don’t accomplish what we want. Therefore; we started to read “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne. The book gave us so much inspiration to change our lives, and already after a short time, we have noticed many positive changes. We want to spread this to the world, or maybe you have something you want to share with us? This power is so strong and magnificent, and we truly believe that this can change our lives. And that is what this blog will surrond by; how to make your dreams come true.

But, maybe you want to know something more about us?

My name is Marte. I am born on February 25th in 1995. I am a swimmer  , and I train almost everyday. My goal is to reach as far as I can reach before I am going to law school. I also work as a newspaper seller, and as a swimcoach. My day is very hectic. As a result, I have been sick a lot this year. It feels like I never heal. After reading “The Secret”, I have figured out that I do think many negative thoughts, and I want to change that.
I do hang a lot with my friends, and they mean the world to me. I have a wonderful family that always supports me, and always stands by me. That includes my super sweet little sister. I am ready to change my life.

And my name is Kristin. I am born on May 11th in 1995. I am also a swimmer, or was maybe? My problem is that I got very ill after a mycoplasma lung infection in October, and I have not recovered yet. My life went from training every day, with high ambitions, to “a life on the couch”. Well,  I am going to school, and spend a lot of time with my amazing friends and familiy too. But I am still feeling sick, and can’t find the energy to have back my normal life. I have to admit that I have been very depressed the last months, and I am ready to change that! After reading The Secret, I know that I have to change my way of thinking and I am sure that it will help me. What more can I say about me? I am a dreamer, and I have soo much I want to do with my life. I love to travel. And I love people.

This is our first post on our journey to a better life. We hope to inspire you, and be inspired by you. We are new on this, soo we would love you to teach us something about the Law of Attraction, positive thinking, stress coping, or just help us with improving our language? Remember that English is not our first language. 


Marte and Kristin