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Month: February, 2012

Just the little things

When you learn to appreciate the little things, you are on a good way to a better life.

This makes me happy today:

– I’m on vacation in Denmark with my family, and the place and weather is beautiful

– I swam today, and it felt good!

– Later I’m going to make candy with my sister, and take pictures of the beautiful beach 


I took this yesterday. Beautiful, isn’t it? 

What makes YOU happy today?

– K 

“Let go of your past, and go for your future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.”

Everyone has a dream. If it is to get married, get rich, be a princess etc… is up to you! Dreams are a goal you and your heart and brain has created. It is something you want to achieve. When I was young ( haha I mean younger) I always heard that I should live my life and reach my goals, and if my goals were my dreams, I should chase them. I guess everyone hears this from their loved ones when we are young. Personally, I never gave this much thought. Yeah, sure, I can be whatever I want. You constantly hear this, but do you really beleive it? Well, I didn’t. I guess that I didn’t have that much confidence when I was younger. I have always felt not thin enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not social enough… In the end, I got exhausted. To always think negativ didn’t really get me anywhere. Yes, I did wanted to change my self, to reach my goals, but instead I thought negative thoughts and didn’t really do anything to reach them. I just sat there with my “positive” thoughts ( feel I use the word “negative” too much). In the end, I realized that I do feel much better with myself when I think positive thoughts. I smile more, laugh more and I feel good about myself. I also have received more friends, and more people to love. I am also even closer to reach my goals and dreams.

My point is; be aware of your dreams, and think positive thoughts. When you think positive, you automatically live your life in the direction of your dreams.You can accomplice everything you want. I know, this is hard to believe, but it makes sence. Trust me 🙂


Be thankful!

The first step we took on this journey is to find out what we already have, and according to the law of attraction, that will help us to achieve more of what we love.

A good way to turn your mind into a positive direction, is to write down all the things you have, and are thankful for.

We made one list each, and we actually smiled when we wrote it down. It helps.

Kristins list: 

–   I have the worlds best family. They support me, give me everything I need, I can argue and discusss with them, and they give me the opportunity to be myself, and grow.

–      I have soo many good friends, from many places and in different ages

–      I have Marte, the sweetest girl I know. I can tell her everything, tease her, and I know she always will be there and support me. A real bestfriend.

–      I have my other bestfriend wich I have known my whole life, just next door. That is a gift.

–      I have always achieved good grades at school, and have been one of the best in class without working too hard. I am happy that things come easy to me.

–      I live in the worlds richest country, and have everything I need.

–      I have experienced incredibly much through the swimming. I have got an extra family(the swimteam), and I am soo thankful for all the memories we have together.

–      I have  the opportunity to travel, and have already seen a lot of the world

–      It is very easy for me to come in contact with people

–      I have a little sister that I adore, I know she appreciates me to.

Martes list: 

– I have the worlds greatest friends who always supports me, and love me the way I am.

– My family is always there for me, and I know I can tell them everything.

– I am very grateful to have so many people around me who likes me, and accept me as a person.

– I am very grateful for having the upportunity to swim, go to school and be what I want to be.

– I am grateful for having a very good friend, and he is a boy. Even though he is totally changed, he gives me alot of joy.

– I am so grateful to have the worlds greatest bestfriend, Kristin. She always cheers me up and support me.

– I am so grateful that I have the worlds greatest little sister. She makes me crazy, but always put a smile on my face.

– I am grateful for living in a house.

– Grateful for the upportunity to speak up!

– And; have so many kindhearted people around me.

Have you ever thought of how happy you would be if someone took all you have, and you were given it back? We have soo much to be thankful for.

We would love if you told us what you are thankful for? It will make you feel better at the moment you write it down. So do it!


Who are we?

Hello world, or maybe I should say the power of the universe?

This blog is a content of two girls from Norway, living a busy life as swimmers and teenagers. We live a hectic life, including stress and little “freetime”. Both of us have reached a point in life when we have to think positiv thoughts to make things work as the way we want it to be. This isn’t always easy, and therefore, as a result, we both struggle to get the things that we want. We have suffered from different types of flu, stress, feeling we don’t “live” our lives and that we don’t accomplish what we want. Therefore; we started to read “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne. The book gave us so much inspiration to change our lives, and already after a short time, we have noticed many positive changes. We want to spread this to the world, or maybe you have something you want to share with us? This power is so strong and magnificent, and we truly believe that this can change our lives. And that is what this blog will surrond by; how to make your dreams come true.

But, maybe you want to know something more about us?

My name is Marte. I am born on February 25th in 1995. I am a swimmer  , and I train almost everyday. My goal is to reach as far as I can reach before I am going to law school. I also work as a newspaper seller, and as a swimcoach. My day is very hectic. As a result, I have been sick a lot this year. It feels like I never heal. After reading “The Secret”, I have figured out that I do think many negative thoughts, and I want to change that.
I do hang a lot with my friends, and they mean the world to me. I have a wonderful family that always supports me, and always stands by me. That includes my super sweet little sister. I am ready to change my life.

And my name is Kristin. I am born on May 11th in 1995. I am also a swimmer, or was maybe? My problem is that I got very ill after a mycoplasma lung infection in October, and I have not recovered yet. My life went from training every day, with high ambitions, to “a life on the couch”. Well,  I am going to school, and spend a lot of time with my amazing friends and familiy too. But I am still feeling sick, and can’t find the energy to have back my normal life. I have to admit that I have been very depressed the last months, and I am ready to change that! After reading The Secret, I know that I have to change my way of thinking and I am sure that it will help me. What more can I say about me? I am a dreamer, and I have soo much I want to do with my life. I love to travel. And I love people.

This is our first post on our journey to a better life. We hope to inspire you, and be inspired by you. We are new on this, soo we would love you to teach us something about the Law of Attraction, positive thinking, stress coping, or just help us with improving our language? Remember that English is not our first language. 


Marte and Kristin

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